Tango Dubai Milestone

Tango Dubai was established in 2004 as a virtual community for Tango community. Since the beginning Tango Dubai inspired and developed the Tango Community. Tango Dubai was developed over the years as mentioned below:

The Milestones of Tango Dubai

Tango classes at Fairmont Fitness Center – Instructor Jeanie Poyner-Woods joined later by Paul Bradley and Eleanor Brodie
Cesar & Elizabeth first professional teachers of Tango
Tango Dubai website initiative and virtual Tango Community Website by Zak.
Aug 2005
Tango Dubai officially launched and formed the Committee together ZAK, Paul Bradley and Eleanor and other team Wai, Davy, Marnix, Maya, Hasna, Ajit and many more. Together we developed Tango in the community.
Richard Garcia started teaching tango in Fairmont Fitness Center along with instructor Jeanie.
Dec 2005
Wednesday Milonga at Pachanga, Hilton Jumeirah started
  • 1st Tango Workshop in Dubai by Ogie Mendoza
  • 1st Tango Dubai New Year Eve Milonga
Tango Dubai classes at DUCTAC, Emirates Mall – Instructors Eleanor, Jeanie, Maya and guest teachers from the local tango community
May 2006
Tuesday classes at DUCTAC, Emirates Mall
  • Workshops by Maestro Ogie Mendoza
Oct 2006
1st Dubai Tango Festival by Paul Bradley and Team
  • Workshops and show by Fernanda & Guillermo organized by Paul Bradley and team
BNF (Ballet Nacional El Firulete) launched by Eider Rua
Beginner class moved to Evory Bar; then moved to St. Maxim’s also at Emirates Mall
  • Paul Bradley started Sunday Milonga at Asado, Palace Hotel, Downtown Burj Khalifa
May 2007
Tango Dubai organized Workshop and show by Adrian & Alejandra
Nov 2007
Show in Abu Dhabi by Alicia & Claudio
Dec 2007
Workshop by Facundo - organized by Paul Bradley
Tango Club Dubai launched by Paul Bradley and Tina Osaka
Jan 2008
Workshop and show by Facundo
May 2008
  • Workshop, show by Adrian & Alejandra
  • Launch Tango Abu Dhabi with show by Adrian & Alejandra
Jun 2008
Workshop and show by Facundo
Aug 2008
Workshop + show by Walter + Margarita
Late 2009
IDC (International Dance Co) launched by Mac Ismail
Apr 2009
1st Dubai Tango Festival – Adrian & Alejandra, and Facundo by Eleanor and Maya
Jul 2009
Boot camp & show - Laila & Leandro by Tango Club Dubai (Paula Bradley & Tina)
Oct 2009
Tango Blitz show and gala with three international couples organized by Tango Club Dubai (Paula Bradley & Tina)
Dec 2009
Workshop and show by Fabian Salas organized by Cesar and Elisabeth
Apr 2010
2nd Dubai Tango Festival – Adrian & Alejandra, Joe & Lucilla, and Facundo – Organized by Maya and Eleanor under Tango Dubai
Nov 2010
Workshop and show by Facundo - Organized by Maya and Eleanor under Tango Dubai
Early 2011
Latino Life Music Center owned by Farhan Farazfar, and lessons provided by Jorge & Luisa
May 2011
3rd Dubai Tango Festival – Horacio Godoy & Katerina, Estaban & Claudia, Facundo - Organized by Maya and Eleanor under Tango Dubai
Oct 2011
  • Latin Soul studio officially launched by Cesar and Elisabeth.
  • Launch Tango RAK
Dec 2011
Milonga at Latin Soul studio hosted by Cesar and Elisabeth
Tango-OK – instructors Oliver Krstic & Lin Chong
May 2012
4th Dubai Tango Festival – Alejandra & Ainoken, Sabrina & Ruben Veliz, and Facundo - Organized by Maya and Eleanor under Tango Dubai
Oct 2013
Gala Dinner And Tango Dance Show Friday 11th of Oct 2013
Feb 2013
Valentines Day
Feb 2013
Tango workshops 7, 8, and 9 Feb with Alejandro & Fernanda
May 2013
Dubai Tango Festival 22 - 25 May 2013
Dec 2013 - Jan 2014
Dubai Tango Marathon
May 2015
7th Dubai Tango Festival on 2015-05-27
Milonga at Asado Argentine Restaurant
Milonga at Tempo Dance center
Milonga at BNF Dance Company