About Tango Dubai

Since 2004 Tango Dubai has nurtured the Tango community with dedication & love. Tango Dubai also introduced many teachers conducted workshops by world renowned instructors and encouraged all the students to improve their level of dance and enjoy being part of community.

TANGO DUBAI is and will remain a NON PROFIT ORGANIZATION and wishes to unit entire Tango community together.

Tango Dubai is reformed now to act as a platform where Tango enthusiasts and teachers alike can interact, share views and ideas, pictures, videos and information in order to achieve the vision and serve the community in a better.

Our Vision

  • To Help promote and provide information about Tango in the region
  • Enable everyone to understand and respect the etiquette of the milongas and the dance as a whole
  • Establish a net work of members both locally and Worldwide to exchange information and news with the World of Tango
  • Provide media for independent organizers of Social Events, Shows, Tango Workshops and Classes