Community Contribution

Tango Dubai has grown dynamically over the years in Dubai; many people have contributed to make it a vibrant tango family who interact and dance in the spirit of good community. Tango Dubai is proud to acknowledge these efforts and we don't want anyone to be forgotten.

When Tango Dubai was born in Dubai, there were very little choices of teachers, classes and dance venues available. Tango Dubai has given to the community an excellent introduction to the Tango World, which built a solid foundation and momentum upon which tango in Dubai will grow further.

All who have been involved have given time & effort freely and expected nothing in return.

Tango Dubai would like to thank everyone who has made this possible and still supporting to grow tango in this society.

Jeanie Poynor Woods
1st Tango Teacher in Dubai 2003

Tango classes at Fairmont Fitness Center – Instructor Jeanie Poyner-Woods

Jeanie was one of the first Tango teacher in 2003-2004 onwards teaching at Fairmont Hotel every Monday of the week for beginners and advance students.

Zakir Hussain
Founder of Tango Dubai

Zak with passion for Tango, a vision to make Tango Community in Dubai, like any other in the world. He created the concept of having a virtual club "Tango Dubai" to all the Tango lovers and join Tango Family were all are treated equally with respect and love with no racial differences and Promote Tango together.

Zak & his team has developed Tango Dubai website in 2004 for Tango Community, which has brought lot of Tangueros & Tangueras together generated over 1,000 members over last 10 years. We are hoping the website will provide better information which will help build larger Tango Community in Dubai UAE and World Wide.

Tango Dubai since 2004

Paul Bradley
Team Coordinator

Paul has been the driving force behind Tango Dubai since 2005, bringing together dedicated committee members & Volunteers for organizing local workshops, Tango Festival in Dubai for the Community on Non Profit basis.

Paul Bradley & Team Organized, the First Tango Dubai Festival in Dubai with Fernanda Ghi & Guillermo Merlo, introduced International Workshops in Dubai by Ogie Mendez and introducing Facundo Gil Jauregui to the Dubai Community and many more.. Paul Bradley Introduced the Trend of Festival and Organizing International Tango Workshops in Dubai.

In 2009 Paul Bradley started Tango Club Dubai ( ) to promote tango at different level.

Eleanor Brodie
Social Coordinator

Eleanor started tango classes in her villa in November 2002.   Since then she has been active and instrumental in the growth of tango in Dubai. She has taken workshops and classes in Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Bali, Paris, Monaco, New York. Due to her passion for tango, she spent one month in Buenos Aires in 2005 and again in 2006 studying with different teachers and absorbing the tango culture and language.

Eleanor is involved in identifying possible new milonga sites, coordinating social events and workshops, hosting milongas at her villa and teaching beginner tango. 

In 2009 Eleanor Brodie & Maya Sliba started one of the largest tango festival in Dubai ( ) which help the tango community to grow in the region.

Cesar & Elizabeth
Cesar & Elizabeth

Cesar & Elizabeth are one the 1st Professional Tango Teachers in Dubai since 2001.

Cesar and Elizabeth are our stars from the beginning, everyone wanted to dance like them. They have thought 100s of students and helped them achieve their Tango Dream.

Cesar & Elizabeth has always contributed to the Tango Community & Tango Dubai by performing in every Show or Festival, which were NON Profit without any fees for 10 Years.

Cesar & Elizabeth started their Tango School in 2011

Richard Garcia

Richard Garcia is 2nd Professional Tango Teacher in Dubai since 2005.

Richard Garcia has tremendously inspired students in Dubai to perform in public. Richard has organized several shows which inspired and encouraged lot of students to perform in Public. Now it has become a trend for students Tango Performance.

Richard has always contributed to the Tango Community & Tango Dubai by performing in every Show or Festival, which were NON Profit without any fees for 8 Years.

Richard Garcia Started his Tango School in 2006

BNF School

BNF is a Dance and Entertainment Company offering a wide spectrum of services related to the art of dancing and entertaining. Originally founded in Colombia in 2000, by professional dancer and director Eider Roa. BNF opened its first international branch in Dubai in early 2006.

BNF school started in 2006.

Wai Yin Chang

Was part of the initial founding members. Was helping in coordination of day to day activities and events.

Marnix Coomans

Was part of the initial founding members. Was helping in coordination of day to day activities and events.

Maya Saliba
Event Cordinator

Coming from a multicultural and varied background, Maya started dancing from a very young age and throughout her dancing career she has practiced different dancing techniques. She studied ballet, modern and contemporary dance, stage belly dancing and participated in many Latin Dancesport championships which she won.

Maya discovered tango in 2005 when she moved to Dubai. Since then, she attended several workshops and took classes with world renowned teachers. Applying all her artistic knowledge from other dances, she brings to tango, style and elegance. Her profound body awareness and understanding of tango have enabled her to improve her technique and become an experienced dancer and teacher, sharing her knowledge and passion with the  the UAE tango community.   Maya has been the dance partner of Maestro Facundo Gil Jauregui during his visit to the UAE.

Hasnaa Kettani

Hasnaa has been using her wide experience in marketing and communications to promote Tango in Dubai and internationally. She Created and Managed the Tango Dubai Facebook Group since 2007 and now extended Tango Dubai's presence across the different Social Media tools. She has build a strong PR around the Tango Dubai Festival and created interest among the media which is sustaining till today. She was among the managing team of the First few tango festivals and still an active member of the community in Dubai.

Kostas Papageorgio

A visiting tangero to Dubai for few months that brought a great energy to Tango in Dubai a very early stage. He mainly helped in teaching during Amateur classes at DUCTAC Mall of the emirates.

Davy Spriet

Helped in coordinating one of the early Tango Festivals and classes.

Ajit Bubber

Ajit is a dedicated and passionate Tangero that selflessly invested his personal time and effort in promoting Tango through Facebook page, Took the lead in hosting and maintaining milongas that didn't have an official host, to keep the momentum. He has great DJ skills that he deployed and shared with other tangeros to bring Dubai Tango Dj skills up to the international standards. He supported tango Gala events as an MC and coordinator. Ajit is still an integral part of Tango Community.

Shiva Ameri

A Passionate Tangera that was a pillar in the organazation of the first official tango festival. She responded present whenever called for support.


Helped founding Tango in Abu Dhabi. Organised the part of the Tango festival that was taking place in Abu Dhabi.

Taniya Chammas
Faed Moufti

Faed is a passionate Tangero who helped Tango Dubai in many ways, including covering photography for many milongas and events, publishing Tango photos on the net and FaceBook.

Geetha Pro'dhom
Ed Lilywhite