Milonga Concert by Free Tango in Dubai

Authentic Argentinian melodies under the sign of improvization. Improvised tango on which Latin Soul's artists , Cesar and Elisabeth will perform improvised choreographies on the blue Bar's improvised dance floor.

The concert breaks will be rythm by the finely chosen Tandas of our resident DJ Amit and a milonga will follow the event if your feets are up to it :)

Olivier Manoury (bandoneon):
& Sergio Gruz (piano):

The meeting between Olivier Manoury and Sergio Cruz enabled them to marry the harmonic and melodic heritage of tango, with the improvising technique, the inventiveness and the freedom of jazz.

Many experiences have been conducted to marry tango with jazz since Astor Piazzola, but none of them was really based on improvisation. Here, Free Tango duet is all about free improvisation. No written melodies, no tone, no preset harmony, but tango anyway. Freedom also to come back to the Argentinian folklore or to the rhythm of Uruguayan Candome.

The Free Tango duet regularly makes tours in Latin America, and has performed for example in the Tango Festival of Medellin, or in Buenos Aires Tango, which are the most prestigious tango festivals in the world.

This event is brought to you by the french allaince of Dubai in collaboration with Tango Dubai and Latin Soul.

14 November 2013 : Milonga Concert by Free Tango in Abu Dhabi